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Welcome to our collection of woven baskets for sale 

A beautifully woven basket from Spindle & Loom is a must-have for any home. It gives off an air of sophistication and functionality, giving an elegant finish to your storage needs. 

We offer a variety of woven baskets in a range of colours and sizes to fit perfectly into your home. Have a look at our woven laundry basket, which is a perfect place to keep the laundry need and tidy. Whether you prefer one that is Almond Willow coloured, or whether you use it in the bedroom or bathroom, it will be an asset to your home. The handwoven blanket basket is a perfect woven storage basket to keep the blankets in for chilly evenings in the living room or to keep all the toys in while the kids are not playing with them. 

Our elegant baskets are eco-friendly, made out of repurposed carpet fibres, and come in different shapes and sizes, from small to large. 

The Square basket fits nicely in a corner and can be used to store anything from books & magazines to toys, or a collection of odds and ends.  

Woven baskets in South Africa. 

As leaders in the industry, we invite you to come and browse our selection of woven baskets in South Africa, and choose a few to cater to your storage needs. We offer excellent service and look forward to delivering your order straight to your door so that you can add these timeless classics to your home decor. 

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